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How to Make the Most of Google My Business

Google: Monopolizing the terms ‘online encyclopedia’ and ‘one stop shop’.Ever heard anything against this colossal search engine? Quite possibly, the answer graph tilting downwards is highly impossible. No wonder they have catered to your personal and professional interests all these years, taking the Internet world by storm will probably be an understatement. This business giant […]

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Content Writing- An Art to Master

Many are the writers who attempt writing articles and blogs and expect instant acceptance. Then when they do not get the due recognition, they get disheartened; sometimes even to the point of giving up writing. But they have to realize that all is not lost. One needs to persist to attain perfection. Isn’t it rightly said, practice […]

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Traditional SEO vs Local SEO

Google is becoming more localized in all its search results. Earlier where people put in general and broad-based queries, they are getting more specific and location-based. As a website owner, your site needs to hit the first page results of Google for the keywords that matter to your business; and for branding purpose your site […]

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