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Social Bookmarking, What Is In It For You?

Let us take a quick look at how social bookmarking can help three categories of people, in particular, namely the website owners, blog owners, and the owners of social media pages. All the benefits that we are going to list are common to all these three categories of people.

Let us see how these three categories will reap the fruits of social bookmarking:

  • Today we can say that social bookmarking is synonymous with online visibility. Yes, when you make social bookmarks you can expect your websites, blog posts, and your social media pages to enjoy better online visibility.
  • The one best way to do viral marketing is to make social bookmarks. We have already noted above that social bookmarks increase the visibility of web properties. Going one step further, we need to note that social bookmarking will help your brand go viral. When we say you will go viral, we are saying that many people will be talking about your brand, blogs, or social media pages online, which is one of the incredible ways of becoming popular.
  • Social bookmarking will also increase your traffic rate. You will be able to drive more traffic to your website, blogs, or social media pages.
  • You can share your social bookmarks with your friends and social media networks. This will further boost your online visibility.
  • This really makes sense because the search engines are likely to visit the social bookmarking sites more frequently than they are likely to visit your websites, blogs, or social media pages and this is mainly because of the intensity of the activities that take place on the social bookmarking sites. This gives the search engines all the more reason to visit the social bookmarking sites.
  • Do not forget the link popularity benefits that you are likely to obtain from social bookmarking. Yes, social bookmarking brings many backlinks to your websites, blogs, and social media pages. When you get backlinks from a reputed social bookmarking site, it will certainly add value to your website in terms of its ranking. We cannot totally disqualify the importance of link popularity in making websites, blogs, and social media pages successful online. Google still values good quality backlinks and backlinks have a very decisive place in the ranking of websites.

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