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The Capital Cairo

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt

“It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to design something from scratch, and to design it keeping in mind the needs of the Egyptian people and the Egyptian government” said the Egyptian Minister of Housing Dr. Mostafa Madbouly. The extensive-rise of the Egyptian population has created an indisputable need of a new place to welcome the Egyptians, to build a new future which they deserve.By virtue of the Greater Cairo’s population is set to grow from 18 million people to 40 million people by 2050. Cairo Capital is the quick-fix as it is a decisive venture to build national spirit, consensus, providing for long-term sustainable prosperity.Globally this city is an example of a created city that all Egyptians dreams of which will carry more places to live, work and visit.  .



Cairo Capital is a meaningful venture to build national spirit, foster harmony, that will provide for long-term a sustainable prosperity and address distinct issues faced by Egypt through a new city, which will create more places to live, work and visit. If built as planned, it will be a distinction from Cairo’s historic, aging infrastructure. Cairo is home to some 18 million people and is known for its overwhelming congestion.” said the Egyptian Minister of housing. The masterplan is to create a global city with smart infrastructure for Egypt’s future, which will provide a myriad of economic opportunities and offer a noticeable quality of life.

Therefore, it must be flexible enough to adjust to future changes. It calls for a new harbor designed to adapt and embrace its natural desert setting.


With over 10,000 km of thoroughfare, artery and streets, the city will be familiar. It will have vibrant competitive spaces to bring people together. It will be buzzing with life day and night. Simply it will be every Egyptian dream to live in a safe, quiet and smooth place.


New city integrity is forged in order to draw people to this new capital city, a series of key stimulant developments will be established at its essence. This will carry a new government administrative district, a cultural sector and a wide variety of civil region .Egypt future is glistening. This new capital city has the probability to become a powerful bridge between Egypt’s prosperous past and its spirited future.




This location was chosen to be an extension of the current capital, it extends Cairo’s east between the way of “Cairo – Suez, “and” Cairo – Al Ain Sukhna “, east of the regional ring road, 45 km from the center of Cairo, 80 kilometers near the city of Suez, also near the Red Sea, which gives it a logistical advantage and strategic benefits, as it is expected to accommodate about seven million and adjusted capital area as well.
However The new area of the State of Singapore which is approximately four times the Washington, DC,. Is an area of 170,000 acres. Capital Cairo will set a new design standard for the capital of a sustainable and manufactured strategic , new urban center, that stimulates build a national spirit, enhance compatibility, and provide long-term growth of the country therefore this would ensure the survival of the Cairo capital for upcoming generations, to be a new capital for all Egyptians .

Masterplan Concept

The planning idea consist on creating natural oasis, valid for the development, that links between them green axes to emphasize the concept of a green city while taking into account the nature and the topography of the site, corridors, streams, torrents of rain in the site as a whole, also it provides entertainment hubs while taking advantages of the storm water drains, by converting it into a green axis. Therefore, the whole strategic planning idea for the site depends on the integration, urban and economic interdependence with the surrounding national projects through the land usage and proposed network of roads. Thus the Coherence is achieved with the national project for the development of the Suez Canal region. As well as the central foundations design of the central region, that extends rectangular CBD (surrounded by residential neighborhoods, and each neighborhood has its own center. Allocated at the end of the project area technological industries, sports activities and universities where it is difficult to be within the project.



The capital is Green, consisting of a number of 12 New Valley according to the land nature, the topography and geography so that every valley is based on an essential principle of activity , which is known as a key figure reflecting the center of excellence Each valley of the residential neighborhoods, contains all different levels, of economic, medium and outstanding, also includes all services of green, recreational areas, commercial schools and therapeutic units. Thus, those valleys reflect in the overall design and integration, the Egyptian nature, from various activities and seek to achieve their dreams and legitimate aspirations. The capital is a green, Egyptian modern international city that reflects her personality through the Egyptian nature and civilization to reflect a rebuilding Bridge to their civilization and to create a new life for them, materialize their ambitions and aspirations for decent living and quality of life, through the modern ways, transportation networks, integrated and modern infrastructure

The Land uses of the strategic masterplan.

The Scheme provide a clear and balanced uses distribution while taking into account the functional relationships between them, they were taking into account the relationship between the use functional nature as well, and resettlement spatial correlation in terms of a network of highways and relationship with the surroundings uses.

The new capital scheme consists of uses and activities of major groups:

  • Residential neighborhoods areas
  • The Green River
  • Regional investment areas
  • Special Projects
  • mixed-use areas.
  • Aero City and international Airport
  • green and open areas
  • The city’s main roads.



The new road network management in the capital

The New administrative capital is characterized by the presence of road networks that attracts development , these network requires an effective public spending to cover the public infrastructure, road networks and the cost which are positively affected with a logical urban density distribution facilities as well as the pattern of land use, therefore, functional road network.

It has been taken into account the hierarchy of the roads throughout the city to provide access to residential areas. The proposed scheme includes a network of roads and transport and a strong transportation working on the city’s future vision by linking them regionally with the Greater Cairo. In addition to the internal network linking public transportation, to attract and resettle the population and integrate the scheme with Regional plan of Greater Cairo.

Finally, there is the public transport network that links the railway tracks rail with metro lines, buses, and minibuses. All of these suggestions are associated with the proposed scheme, strategic planning idea which stresses on the importance of linking the city with all means available to the public and within phases that commensurate with the proposed priorities.

And in order to achieve our vision in the city we put 7 main principles to be the main guidelines governing how we deal with the city or others do

The cairo capital is designed to be a city of parks and sustainable city, a community of residents, neighbors, workers, and visitors who strive together to balance ecological, economic, and social needs to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment for all members of society and for generations to come.

The new Cairo capital is designed to be green, sustainable, welcoming to all the needs and desires of the citizens. And it is allocated as an authenticity for all Egyptians. The goals of is creating a community, consisted of sustainable principles


“Street and their sidewalks, the main public spaces of a city, are its most vital organs.” The Cairo capital is designed to be a walkable city which means that it stresses on the walkability concept as a measurement of how friendly an area is to walking.

The Cairo capital is known as a livable City that works to create a new Egypt of great streets and complete neighborhoods, where walking and bicycling, where public spaces are beautiful, well-designed, and well-maintained, and where housing is more plentiful and more affordable.

What makes a city? Places we live. Places we work. Places we shop and enjoy ourselves. The city main concern is to create a suitable environment for the citizen where he can have the quality of life of working, shopping and enjoying life.

The Cairo capital is a smart city leading the world by providing technologies that make our destinations smarter places to visit, work, live and play. The Cairo capital is designed to be a smart city, having many utilities, services, and various transportations.

Meanwhile the new administrative Cairo Capital is prescribed as a matter for every Egyptian. This capital is designed to be consistent, welcoming for all Egyptians, with different scales and areas.

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